Top 3 Essential Oils for Baby

    Sweet, sweet Mother Nature has given us so many amazing plants to extract theirliquid healing from.

    Essential oils have various uses for all of us.

    We use them to clean, cook, purify the air, heal our bodies, relax the mind, and more!

    Your sweet, sweet baby can also benefit from the many uses of essential oils. They can help calm your baby and induce sleep, reduce anxiety, and relieve symptoms of colic.

    Before you buy any oils, check the label to be sure they are pure and authentic. Other oils can be diluted with synthetic perfumes or alcohol which will irritate your baby’s skin.

    Two kids walking in a garden

    Essential oils can be very potent and your baby is so fresh and new to this world; make sure todilute your oils with a carrier oil(such as coconut oil) before putting it on your baby. If your babe is less than six months old, we recommend that you contact your pediatrician before using any of these oils.

    Here are our top 3 essential oils for baby and their many uses:


    Lavender essential oil smells delicious and works amazing to calm your baby and induce sleepiness. You may have noticed many lotions and candles that have a lavender scent for that same purpose.

    You can massage this oil onto your baby’s back and chest before bedtime toencourage sleep and reduce colic.

    Lavender also does wonders withrelieving insect bites and burns.

    A girl holding Lavender

    Tea Tree

    Tea tree is antimicrobial, antifungal, and disinfectant. It can help relieve diaper rash and fungal infections, make wounds heal faster, and strengthens the immune system by boosting immunity to infections.

    Tea tree can also help relieve colds and coughs because it is a natural expectorant. Of course, dilute the oil with a carrier oil first, then rub it onto baby’s chest.

    Tea tree


    Chamomile has natural soothing properties and canhelp baby sleep, be calm,and also reduce insomnia. Similar to lavender, chamomile can helpreduce signs of colic.

    It can diminish anxiety and depression in your baby and also help mom with any “baby blues” she may be experiencing postpartum.

    Just rub the chamomile onto the skin and let it work it’s magic.


    These oils are more mild than most, but can have incredible effects.

    Since babies have more sensitive skin than you or I,do a patch test for any new oils to make sure baby is not allergic to them. To carry out a patch test, simply apply a drop of oil onto baby’s arm or leg and wait 24 hours. If the skin is clear the next day, go ahead and use the oil.

    If there appears to be an allergic reaction, don’t use that one, but test another—baby’s body is sure to find harmony with at least a few essential oils.

    Start using the miracle oils of Mother Nature to heal and soothe your little one.